Monday, January 31, 2011

Melanie Phillips

Yes – Melanie Phillips has been proven right. Writing such a vicious, ignorant piece as her demented, deliberately misleading rant last week led to an “¬extraordinarily vicious outpouring of hate.” It’s almost as if her being hateful caused a reaction, isn’t it?  They will have to keep paying her to write now.  The Daily Mail cannot rely on a fascination with the fragile mind of Liz Jones alone.

I hadn’t seen any of the incitements to violence against her until she listed them in her article, just hundreds of people suggesting she is mentally unwell and that her article was extraordinary enough to make her a laughing stock. Given that so many find her a source of amusement or sympathy, I’m surprised she has been seen as a target for violence. I’m sure it will shock some, but I have seen a comment that suggests she is “bats*t paranoid” and yet had previously seen none like that asking her to bathe in the Thames. However, seeing as how her article this weekend concentrated on a very small element of the previous article it referred to, rather than the elements which caused some people to react angrily, I could well understand if her delusions / arse covering cause people to settle on her being a vile, reactionary has-been, desperate to move on from her role in the such nonsense as the MMR vaccine outrage (where she has played a part in the deaths of children – I hope she forgives some of the public for taking her apparent concern for children less than seriously after that). To be in “opposition” but not be “anti” is just deliciously nonsensical. She’s going completely off on one in trying to cover her dirty tracks this time. She is a lying aggressor determined to manipulate arguments to be kind on her, unfair to others. That she thinks anyone remains fooled is an amusing cue to let her waste a few months embarrassing herself.

Oddly but amusingly, the “gay lobby” she referred to seems to have been mostly heterosexual this time around. Singling out Johann Hari was odd – he is far less likely to chuck a kitchen sink at her than most (indicating she continues to miss the point, to much merriment). Disagreeing isn’t a vicious attack. Most gay people commenting on it all have gone with “Is she off on one again? Bless.” The shock tactics she used to deny genuinely worrying issues like climate change, combined with her attempts to create dramas where there are none, just means she’s become tiresome noise – although I must credit her for getting some interest with her lesbian equations and gay map reading nonsense. It is odd that one lot of rubbish should suddenly provoke a reaction, but it was her desperate intention so I’m sure she is thrilled.

“More frightening still, as has been so graphically demonstrated by the reaction to my article, they are also rendering people increasingly incapable of rational thought.” It’s almost too funny, isn’t it?

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